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Tampa Attic Insulation & Crawl Space Encapsulation Contractors

Residential & Commercial Attic Insulation Installation Services Near Tampa

Our Tampa residential & commercial attic insulation company prioritizes quality and cost effective attic insulation installation services for homeowners and businesses in the Tampa Bay area. When searching for an "attic insulation contractor near me," it's imperative to make sure you're dealing with a licensed and insured insulation expert. When installing new insulation to your home, business, garage or roof, typically fiberglass blown-in and batt insulation are the most beneficial for installation purposes. Just in case you have a preference for the type of insulation installed, we also offer spray foam insulation, blown-in cellulose and fiberglass batt specifically. The average cost of insulating a Florida attic ranges between $1 to $7 per square foot. With this price range in mind, the average attic insulation project costs around $1500, including labor and materials. If the attic is smaller in square footage, the cost can be as low as $500. Alternatively, when the attic is larger than the average one, the total cost can equal $4000 or greater. For home insulation projects in Florida, we stick to an R-value of 30-60 for an uninsulated attic, and R25-38 for an attic with existing insulation. If you're looking for the best attic insulation companies in Tampa, give us a call today to schedule your free estimate! 


Attic Insulation Replacement & Removal Near Tampa 


Our Tampa attic insulation replacement and removal contractors are highly experienced and efficient. Whether your old insulation is musty and dirty or chewed through by rodents, we have a seamless insulation replacement process. Before replacing old insulation, it's necessary to remove it from your attic, garage and home in order to prevent health hazards from potential excrement, excessive dust, mildew and mold. By hiring expert attic insulation removal contractors in Tampa, you're eliminating the risk of getting your health negatively impacted from old insulation. Florida homeowners and businesses should aim to replace the insulation inside their home or commercial property within 15 years because it starts to lose its effectiveness within that time frame. Which means that the job it's supposed to be doing won't be properly executed. Some more signs that your attic insulation should be replaced are:


  • Cold Spots throughout the insulation inside your home or attic. 


  • High Utility Bills 


  • Uninvited rodents like rats & other problematic pests. 


  • Frozen pipes from ineffective, old fiberglass insulation. 


If you're experiencing any of these problems inside your home or commercial property, give us a call immediately. Ultimately, by replacing your old insulation, the energy efficiency and air quality inside your residence will improve substantially. While the residue and toxicity left behind from the previous, bad insulation is no longer a health risk to individuals residing in the home or work environment. 


Crawl Space Encapsulation & Insulation Near Tampa


Our Tampa crawl space encapsulation and insulation contractors are properly trained and vetted to provide exceptional services in crawl spaces. When we take on the task of insulating a crawl space, our goal is to make it as beneficial as possible for the Tampa homeowner. Immediate improvements you will notice are more energy efficient and low cost utility bills, regulation of humidity and indoor air temperature inside your house and prevention of insects and pesky critters from infiltrating your crawl space. Something we recommend for all crawl space insulation installations are plastic covers or vapor barriers. Especially in a dirt-floor crawl space, which is what most homeowners in the Tampa area have. Without the vapor barrier, moisture will ascend to the surface of the soil, causing disastrous destruction such as structural rot, mold and mildew. When considering a contractor to install insulation inside your dirt-floor crawl space, they should be utilizing a vapor barrier that covers the entire floor. At Polar Attic, we like to use Fiberglass insulation in tandem with vapor and radiant barriers to keep your home vented, while remaining cool in the summer and heated during the winter.


Through the process of encapsulating your crawl space, it's possible to control the moisture and humidity inside your home effectively, while also completely preventing mold growth. With our crawlspace encapsulation services near you, we manage to eliminate your moisture issues entirely and truly achieve comfort inside your home. With a wet crawl space, you're bound to have structural issues, mold and mildew growth, pest infestation and wood rot. An encapsulation dries out your space, making it inaccessible to pests and mold. By adding in a commercial dehumidifier, it reinforces the protection against dampness and mold. There's a multitude of components that can cause moisture problems inside crawl spaces. Those components include: 


  • Having an undetected drain leak that causes the water to build up and settle. 


  • Insufficient lot drainage, enabling water to protrude into the crawl space.


  • Elevated groundwater levels during the rainy season in Florida.


  • Ductwork can potentially produce condensation throughout the year during the excessively hot days. 


The average cost of encapsulation depends on at least 3 factors, such as the square footage, the drainage capabilities around the home and the groundwater levels surrounding the home. If they are insufficient, a sump pump or French drain system installation could be necessary, or both. With these 3 factors in mind, Homeguide states that the national average for crawl space encapsulation ranges from $3,000-8,000, going as high as $15,000 for larger homes in Tampa. 


Garage & Pole Barn Insulation Services Near Tampa 


Our Tampa garage and barn insulation services are top of the line, using the best quality insulation material available on the market. There are a multitude of benefits when it comes to insulating your garage. Some benefits are:


  • Energy Savings from the reduction of heating and cooling costs. 


  • Interior noise reduction from opening and closing garage door.


  • Possible Federal Tax Benefits 


  • Increased comfort inside your garage when working in an office, exercising or better storage area. 


  • Insulated garage doors are thicker and tougher to break into, which makes them a great investment for protecting your family. 


Contact us at Polar Attic today to discuss your garage insulation project. 


Our Tampa pole barn(shed) insulation contractors are highly qualified and experienced in pole barn insulation installation, replacement and removal services. It's important to hire the right pole barn insulation company to maximize the effectiveness of the insulation that's being installed. An incorrect installation can cause extreme discomfort inside your house, increase energy bill costs, and bring mold & mildew inside your home. Avoid these problems by hiring a professional pole barn insulation contractor in Tampa from the very beginning. 


Blown-In & Batt Insulation Services Near Tampa 


Our Tampa blown-in insulation contractors are the best attic insulation removal, replacement and installers near you. The reason why Florida homeowners should consider fiberglass blown-in insulation as one of their top picks is because it has a proven track record of preventing the warm air from escaping your property during cold weather and keeps the house cool during the hottest times of the year. In short, it regulates temperature the best. Not only that, but blown insulation has the same longevity of spray foam insulation, without the risk of moisture damage and mold. Blown is also versatile in the way it can be applied to just about any gap or opening inside your wall cavity or throughout the home in general. 


Batt insulation is one of the most commonly used insulation types for attics, walls, ceilings, basements and crawl spaces. Just because it's the most commonly used, doesn't mean it's the best. In most cases blown in and spray foam insulation outperform batt, but there are exceptions, depending on your house and overall budget. Batt insulation is still a viable option for protecting your home from harmful occurrences such as mold and moisture. 


Please contact an expert technician at Polar Attic for your insulation needs. We look forward to assisting more Tampa customers and continuing to serve the Tampa Bay area for many more years to come!

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