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Radiant Barrier Insulation Lakeland

Insulation made for Florida!


Radiant barrier reflective insulation is a great solution for homes in Florida that have a hot attic and high electric bill as it blocks out the heat from your attic!  Cellulose and Fiberglass insulation R-values are based off of 75 degrees but most Florida attics are 145 degrees or warmer! Radiant barrier is the perfect choice for a long term solution as it lowers your yearly average attic temperature by more than 30+ degrees and allows your existing insulation and AC ducts to perform 50% more efficiently allowing your overworked air conditioner to take a break.  It's Class-A fire rated and our Silver Shield has a 20 year warranty. Polar Attic Insulation only uses the best products under warranty and installation methods for radiant barrier with our in-house professionally trained installation team.  

Radiant Shield - Attic Radiant Barrier
● Keeps Homes Cooler in the Summer and Warmer in the Winter
● Proven Performance Reduces Attic Temperatures up to 30°F in the Summer
● Reduces Heat Loss in the Winter
● Provides R value to Increase thermal performance of Attic Insulation
● Increases Comfort of Living and Work Spaces in All Seasons
● Improves HVAC Ducts and System Performance up to 50%
● Reduces Cooling Costs up to 16% in the Summer
● Reduces Utility Peak Load Demand
● 4x More Effective than Adding Additional Insulation (during Peak loads)
● Meets Attic Radiant Barrier Requirements for Energy Star Homes
● Lowers HERS and Other Energy Rating Indexes (ERI)
● 20-Year Transferrable Warranty on Material & Labor
● National Network of Insulation Contractors & Distributors


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