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  • Chris Asselin

Orlando Insulation and radiant barrier contractor.

Updated: May 29, 2021

In Orlando FL many new homes have cheap insulation in them but after a few years in the heat and humidity that comes in through soffit vents, the insulation tends to settle and “squish” causing convection while allowing heat to enter the home as if there were no insulation at all. Instead of raising your electric bill and replacing your insulation every few years, there’s a better solution called radiant barrier! Radiant Barrier is 97% reflective and stops the heat from passing by and entering your attic. If there is no heat in your attic then technically there is no real need for blown-in insulation for other reasons than sound dampening and air sealing. Yet you can air seal after installing radiant barrier with a few cans of “great stuff” from your local hardware store. The best solution for an attic is radiant barrier, air seal and engineered cellulose insulation. We’ll talk about the cellulose in our next blog! Thanks for reading and see you next time! We hope you enjoyed this information by Polar Attic Insulation. For a free quote on Insulation in the Tampa Bay Area or Orlando area, call (877)608-5588. There‘s nothing cooler than a Polar Attic!

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