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Insulation removal in Florida.

When do you need to have your insulation removed in Florida? Sometimes you can just blow insulation right over the old stuff but when your insulation is damaged then it’s time to tear out the old batt insulation or old blown insulation. Here are the reasons below!

After a roof leak. If your old insulation becomes wet then it can cause health problems for you especially when becoming moldy. the smell can permeate throughout your home over time.

Cellulose insulation... cellulose is recycling old newspapers and treating it with a chemical. Over time in a humid Florida attic it will go bad. Eventually the moisture hardens the cellulose and it can even create weight problems on your ceiling from re-blowing. Cellulose will become dusty and spread all over your house after it dries. Don’t install cellulose in your home!

You bought the home with squished fiberglass blown insulation and it no longer has the air pockets to insulate your ceiling. Squished old fiberglass can cause conduction leaving you with a difficult home to cool.

Rats! Rodents in general they leave you lots of presents in the attic that need to be vacuumed out. They also urinate on everything so the Sheetrock will have to be treated. Removing the old insulation and installing a blown-wool-fiberglass insulation will keep those critters away.

Need a quote on removing insulation from your home? Call Polar Attic Insulation at (877)608-5588 for an insulation removal quote right over the phone!

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